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The Colors of Fall

Get inspired by these beautiful fall colors!


Oh, the colors of fall! Who doesn’t feel invigorated by autumn’s blue skies, crisp red and yellow leaves and fresh air? If you’re eager to bring some of these warm and bold colors into your home, let me give you a few ideas!


I’ve chosen some beautiful Sherwin Williams paint colors that say “fall” to me. You can certainly use these to repaint a room or a piece of furniture, but feel free to use them just for inspiration. Perhaps the teal would look beautiful as a throw on your brown leather couch. Try the clear orange as placemats or kitchen towels. And wouldn’t that dark red look gorgeous on a vase holding branches of yellow leaves? Spread these colors throughout your home this season and bring the pleasures of fall into every room!


I always recommend starting a decorating project by creating a list of words that describe how you want the room to feel (what I call Emotional Decorating). As you will see below, I give you some of these adjectives for each of the colors. That way, it will be easy to match your list of words with the colors that will work best!


From left to right in the photo:


Captivating Cream, SW6659: this is a warm, yet fresh, off-white that looks beautiful as a background for all the brighter colors of fall. If you paint a dresser or table with this color, distress a bit afterward and it will look charming! On the walls, this color feels: casual, warm, fresh, pretty.


Folksy Gold, SW 6260: this color glows on the walls. Use it in a room without a lot of natural light or one that always seems to be cold. Folksy Gold will warm it right up! This color feels: warm, casual, cozy, gender-neutral.


This accent wall is painted in Sherwin Williams Folksy Gold.


Goldenrod, SW6677: A beautiful yellow! It is difficult to find yellows that don’t vibrate on the wall. This would be a good choice, especially as an accent wall. Or picture it as pillows on a mossy green sofa or as picture frames on a tan wall. This color feels: friendly, warm, energizing.


Fireweed, SW 6328: This is a rich, beautiful red. It feels elegant yet cozy. It would work very well in a dining room or as one of the main colors in a rug. Imagine a pair of velvet drapes in this color against a wall painted with Folksy Gold—gorgeous!! This color feels: rich, warm, elegant, dramatic, cozy.


Java, SW 6090: A warm, deep brown that reminds me of chocolate! I’d love a dining table in this color and I’d set it with creamy china and teal linens. And my centerpiece would be a big pitcher of mums and bittersweet berries. This color feels: warm, rich, welcoming.


Refuge, SW6228: This teal is the accent color that sets off all the other colors perfectly! It is elegant and plays well with both warm and cool colors. Paired up with these autumnal shades, it reminds me of a deep pond with fallen leaves floating on the surface. Bring this teal into your home as the main color in a piece of art, a tablecloth under your turkey centerpiece or plump chenille pillows in your family room. This color feels: elegant, interesting, rich, calming.


Copper Harbor, SW6634: This is a very pretty orange, that doesn’t bring to mind Jack-o-lanterns. Use this as a fall accent color and you can keep it long past Halloween! It is nearly the color of a terra cotta flower pot, so bring some in from outside and fill them with mums (they’re not just for your porch anymore!). If you have a brown house, consider using it as your front door color. It will provide a cheery welcome for your guests. This color feels: earthy, cheerful, casual, warm, energetic.


I hope you continue to be inspired by the colors around you. Every seasons brings its own delights and I will share all kinds of ideas in future blog posts. And, of course, I am always happy to help you in person!


So... tell me how you bring fall beauty into your home!

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