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Cozy Decorating, Part 1

Cozy Decorating (Part 1)


Brr! It's cold outside! But come on in to your houseā€”it's cozy, warm and inviting. There are comfy places to sit, fluffy throws to wrap around your shoulders and soft rugs for your cold toes.


If your house is still in summer mode and nowhere near the cozy refuge I just described, here are a few things you can do! Soon, you'll have the coziest house on the block!


Arrange the furniture to face the fireplace

Even when you don't have a roaring fire going, it's still cozy to have the furniture face the fireplace. It is the natural focal point of the room, after all! So pull the sofa around and create a grouping centered around the fireplace. And then, of course, light a fire, sit back and enjoy it!


Don't have a fireplace? Fake one!

Get a salvaged mantel from a cool store like Building Value in Cincinnati. You can lean it against the wall and hang art above it to make the mantel a casual, changeable focal point. Or you can screw it into the wall, paint the wall behind the opening black (or use a mirror, as in this picture) and accessorize as though it were a real fireplace. Light candles instead of a log fire.


Use warm colors

Toasty colors like these make you feel warm even if you're not wearing a sweater! Read more about these colors here.


Layered rugs

Cold feet are one of the worst parts of winter (along with shoveling, of course). For extra warmth and style, feel free to layer rugs. This works especially well if you have a large, neutral rug, such as sisal. You can put a thick and colorful rug right on top. Cowhide and sheepskin rugs are very fashionable this year and that is good news for bare feet, since they both have wonderful textures. You can layer area rugs over carpeting, too. Your feet are going to be warm all winter long!


Blanket drapes

This door drape was made out of a blanket! The same technique could be used at a window to supplement lighter-weight drapes or sheers. Simply take a blanket, turn over enough at the top so the blanket reaches from the floor to the curtain rod. Clip on some curtain rings and hang the panel on the curtain rod. It's like putting a sweater on your cold windows!


Stack up quilts and blankets

When the cold wind comes creeping through the cracks around your door, it's lovely to have a warm quilt or blanket nearby. Wrap up and settle back to enjoy your cozy home!


Keep an eye out for Cozy Decorating Part 2: The Winter Bed



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